Wedding Photography

How to look professional in front of your client without effort?

wedding photographer LeicesterOkay, so we’d be lying if you don’t need an effort to do it. Without effort, everything you do as a wedding photographer Leicester won’t be as good as you could be with it. If you want to look professional, looking like you are making an effort is part of it!

Looking like you care

The first important step is to look like you care about the wedding party as if you’re part of it. Ask the clients questions regarding their party and the details of how the day is going to proceed. If you don’t know what to ask on your first consultation because you are so used to being talked to, write up a list of things that you need to know to work well. Review it before the consultation, so you can ask the necessary details without wasting time.

This way, you won’t just look like you care. Fake it till you make it, they say. That’s right, as this develops into a habit, you won’t be able to pass a single consultation without asking clients back. Feedback is the best way to show you are listening and care to know more from your clients.

Explain your technique in brief

There is no need to use jargon terms or making your clients feel like they are retarded by not understanding a word. When explaining your experience and your methods of working, explain it in a way that they will understand. Mention the hard parts (like gears specifications) briefly, just to let them know that, yes, I do this and you can ask more if you want.

One reason is that you’ve undoubtedly explained more or less about your wedding photographer Leicester career on your site, like what you can see in If your client has read that, he definitely doesn’t want to hear recapping that again.

While you mention your experience, it’s also best to bring along some past works that are not on the site but are still some of your best. These are usually pictures whose client before don’t like to have them posted online, but okay with being shown in private. It will allow the prospects to imagine how their pictures will turn out to be.

Wear like you are one

If you are going to attend a wedding as the photographer, wear as you are attending one. While what you wear won’t affect the pictures, they will affect the people that saw you and most importantly, your client. No one likes to have a guy in shorts walking around their blessed wedding hall. Wear formal if it’s a formal party and only wear shorts if it’s stated so on the dress code.

Act like you are one

How you look and act is important if you don’t want to be marked as the wedding photographer Leicester that you don’t want to be in your wedding. Will you like it if someone does what you did at your own wedding? Ask this yourself when you work.

Trying your best to take that picture is commendable but be sure to keep it under an acceptable ethic of conduct at a wedding party.


wedding photographer leicesterEver consider your social skills? Some photographers realize that they are not blessed with a silver tongue and even have trouble communicating with others. It is normal for photographers to be so, due to the fact that some prefer to hide behind lenses and tell their stories through the pictures they took.

However, when you decided to become a wedding photographer Leicester, it is important you pay attention to your social skills. And these are why it is important.

People can judge from how you speak

Confidence in speaking will be decided if you are confident with what you do. Learning how to speak confidently will help your presentation, especially during the first meeting. Your first impression matters a lot as there won’t be that many chances to meet your clients again.

Another reason is that they also have a set of questions that they will ask you and also many other wedding photographers. You need to compete against all those people in terms of answering and providing helpful advice to your clients.

Compete with others

You are not the only photographers around. Many others are also offering the same service and often at competing for price. While most photographers rarely lower their price, one of the only way to compete with each other is to make sure that they can service their clients when they meet.

Sure, the quality and style of your pictures matter a lot, but when your client is torn between her favorite photographers, you’ve got only 30 minutes of chat to convince her that you’re the one.

Learn to not be aggressive

Don’t be overly aggressive when you meet your client. While you can be very eager in offering everything and telling them why you’re a professional wedding photographer Leicester, like, maintain your composure.

Silence is golden

Learn to listen to what your client has to say. They probably come to you with a problem in mind, and while they might have asked this to many other photographers, try to answer as if you’re helping a best friend.

Work hard to listen properly before answering. If you are not sure with what you should answer, ask back questions. It’s a good thing to show that you are seriously listening and want to provide them with the best solution.

Providing solution

After explaining everything, you can then tell them that you can provide just that solution. Explain your packages and if possible, customize them to fit your client’s needs and budget. Lots of married couples often showed their appreciation to photographers who are willing to customize their package and provide the necessary features within their budgets. They love to recommend their photographer afterward.

If they ask you questions

Answer with this thought in your mind: you want to tell them that you provide only the best quality service for them. Of course, this should align with the fact that you do always work your way to maintain your quality.

One important thing worth repeating is that don’t be too shy to ask back questions. Remember that your client wants only a wedding photographer Leicester that is dedicated to doing their best in taking wedding pictures.