Photography Tips

commercial photographerEvery professional commercial photographer out there knows for a fact that this is a business transaction more than anything else and that he needs to map out a certain contract for the deal before it is actually finalized. This is something that you should keep in mind as a client.

Have a contract set.

Whenever you are getting buy-ins from a commercial photographer, it is important to keep in mind that nothing is really formalized and you can’t really hold him to his words unless those words are written down in black and white.

If you don’t have proof of the deal on paper, then there really isn’t anything that’s stopping the commercial photographer from following through on his end of the deal and this is the type of thing that you need to be very careful about at the end of the day. You need to really establish this need and requirement before you can move forward with down payments and the like. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue though if you are working with an established professional commercial photographer in the industry.

Set details in contract.

There is a pretty good chance that setting up contracts and following through on them is pretty much his usual run on the mill and he is bound to give you everything you could ever need on the business side of things.

And speaking of business, it is very important that you don’t allow personal friendships or favors to cloud your judgment. In commercial photography deals, the money that is usually being dispensed is not your own. It might be your company’s or your corporation’s and this isn’t fair for the institution that you are working with so getting a really objective take on things will help make things fair and really just at the end of the day. you can take in referrals and recommendations but it is still important that you have a partial take on things all of the time.

Assess them based on the pricing, the quality of projects that they have up in their portfolios, and the feedback that they have gotten so far from their previous clients. Be very detailed with your assessments because this will reflect badly on you if you happen to book someone who turns out to be a lesser option for the job just because you happened to know him and you used your acquaintance to help him get the gig.

Always initiate sign offs coming from your end all throughout the time that the commercial photo shoot is in full swing.

Make it a point to always discuss things with the photographer that you are working with. Establish a presence in the photo shoot and feel free to speak up if you think that the theme and the direction of the photo shoot is already starting to go off tangent when it all comes down to it. The photographer will appreciate the fact that you are being very on point and on the ball with things. This also means that he will never have to bother about reshoots as well.

Photography Tips

wedding photography businessThe first order of business that you should know as a wedding photographer who is just starting out is that the only losers in this business are those who chose to quit. There is no more cliché sounding adage such as quitters are losers but it can also ring the most truth when you come to think of it at some point.

First and foremost, Cheshire wedding photography requires a lot of things for you to capitalize on. It will require you to capitalize on your talent and passion for photography. It will require you to capitalize on expensive gear such as high quality cameras and lenses so that you can capture the best quality of pictures. It will require you to tirelessly work on perfecting your craft. It will even require you to stomach countless rejections from other people and at times perhaps even face some kind of criticism for the work that you do at some point. Do not give up too early because guess what, most people do. If you give up prematurely, you may never find your way in being a wedding photographer ever again so do not waste the chance if you are lucky enough to get it one way or the other.

Good things take time

And when we say take time, we mean a lot of time. Make sure that before you decide to jump ship, you really are in this for the long haul. You have quite a long journey ahead of you and the going may not be as smooth sailing as you would prefer it to be. It will take you over five years to actually master your craft and before you can establish yourself as an expert wedding photographer. It will take you about double the amount of that time in order for you to actually afford a decent lifestyle and live solely on being a wedding photographer alone. Building a business really does take years, literally. There will be a lot of obstacles and hardships along the way too so brace yourself for a really rough journey ahead of you.

Side profession

If you would like this to be something sustainable, it would be a really good idea if you do not make this your bread and butter just yet. Make it a side profession that you can commit to but do not treat this as something that you can profit from just yet. See if you can go ahead and maintain a full time job in the meantime. It keeps you busy and gives you something to do while you are waiting for opportunity to come knocking on your door. It will keep you from getting desperate because your daily needs are well accounted and provided for. It will keep you more confident because you do not have to constantly worry about making ends meet. More than that, you will be able to build on to your photography accessories because you actually have the money for it even if you are not exactly booking clients left and right just yet.

Photography Tips

wedding photographyIt is either you accept it or not but the point of the matter is the fact that wedding photographers will have to create a blog at some point. It is important for you to have something to catalog your projects with. It is one of the best marketing platforms that you can ever get your hands on. First and foremost, what you need to keep in mind is the fact that the blog is actually more of for your future clients than for your current ones. The very first thing that prospective clients check out is technically the blog. They want to know if wedding photographers Hampshire really are who they project themselves to be. They need to be assured in the fact that you will be able to cover the wedding event from start to end and that you will be able to follow through in the polishing of the photos.

You need to make sure that you do justice to the image layout.

The writing part is also quite a bit of a requirement but the meat of the blog is mainly on the layout of the images. It may come off as a bit of a surprise to you but the image layout of the blog may sometimes even be more important than the image layout of the portfolio. The thing with a portfolio is the fact that wedding photographers basically cherry pick them from a list of the best of their works and guess what, the rest of the world actually know that to be an absolute fact. Basically, you will want to cut the images up in certain categories. You will want to start off with photos of them getting ready, another set for all of the wedding details and the venue details, a separate shoot for the bride and for the groom, and another set of photos for the wedding party, another one for the actual ceremony, and you will also need a last set for the reception.

You will also want to work on tagging your images.

Sure, it takes far more work and far more time than usual but when it all comes down to it, it is a little extra effort that will actually really work for you and it is something that will get to pay off over time. You want your blog posts to be optimized as much as possible and one of the easiest ways that you will be able to do that would be for you to tag your pictures appropriately. If you are not so much of an expert on wordpress, there is no need to worry. WordPress is pretty easy and has a very nonsensical way of getting things done.

You might also want to go ahead and make sure that you put up a vendors list at the very bottom of your blog.

If you scratch other people’s backs, they will circle back and certainly scratch yours. Give them a quick email and let them know you have their live links listed in your blog.

Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsSometimes, it’s alright to let the kids be themselves during the wedding event. Although it may be true that a wedding is one of the most important days in a bride and groom’s life and everything needs to be prim and proper and set up just right but your wedding photography can also gain some kind of variety and character if you let a little more personality show into the things that you are able to create with wedding photography. If there are any kids attending the wedding that you are covering at some point, it really is quite alright if you let them goof off and be themselves at some point. Kids look amazing in the photos when they play around during weddings. You will surely get the adorable factor down pat.

1. Bring a white sheet with you.

The bride will love you for it. There will be certain instances in the shoot wherein the bride will not be too keen to participate with what you would like to do or where you would like to shoot for the fear of running the risk of ruining her wedding dress. If you have been around wedding photography for quite a while now, you will completely understand the fact that brides regard their wedding dresses with a certain sense of reverence and perhaps even with extra caution at some point. Having a white sheet with you that the bride can just conveniently step on while being filmed in areas such as a nearby pond or something will really help you smooth things out a bit.

2. Keep your wits together and go about as calmly as you possibly can.

When the wedding photographer becomes jittery, the bride gets jittery too. That is something that you might want to avoid by all means as much as you can. Slow down a little. Take really deep breath and take things as they come at your own pace and time. Believe it or not, seeing the Berkshire wedding photographer look jumpy and nervous and just about all over the place is the very last thing that a nervous and jittery bride would like to see at some point. Take charge of things and exude a certain aura and level of confidence. It will help the bride out a lot.

3. Remember to always keep the focus on the bride and groom.

At the end of the day, it is really all about the couple. Keep your focus on them and that should pretty much keep you in line. Do not forget this. It can sometimes be easy to get distracted and just slightly sidetracked with all of the fuss going around during the wedding but keep your priorities in place. Laser focus will get you there.

4. Don’t be ashamed to be in funny positions when you’re trying to capture great angles.

Believe it or not, funny squatting is one of the best positions you can ever make in order for you to get a great perspective on the photos you would like to take. Don’t be ashamed if you look funny. What matters is you end up with great looking photos.

Photography Tips

photography Owns right equipment

You need a wedding photographer who has all of the right equipment or gear to start with. You need to go for someone who has nothing but the best kinds of cameras and accessories to bring along with him when he is covering your wedding event. You should be looking at top of the line DSLR cameras or anything that is within the same ranks as with those. Again, the emphasis is in the plural form of the word: cameras, not camera. You need someone with at least three cameras so that you have enough backup for when something happens to their main cameras. You need someone who is prepared for all of the possibilities out there and someone who will be able to pick up for when the main camera breaks down.

Prepared ahead

You want someone who does his homework and prepares for everything well ahead of time. You need to go for a wedding photographer who spends time to scout the venues well ahead of time and well in advance. He should be willing to take practice shots and pretty much study how the lighting comes to play and visit the venue at about the same time of the day that the wedding event takes place. That way, come wedding day, he will not only know where and how to position himself, he will also know where to position and how to pose his subjects at the same time.

Manage a crowd

A professional wedding photographer should also know how to manage a crowd and should know how to conduct himself in public. You want to go for someone who knows how to speak up and demand the attention of a room. You want someone whom the crowd will follow if he starts giving out instructions. However, you may want to go for someone who knows how to balance things out a bit. You will want to go for someone who can come on strong but not too strong to the point of risking sounding kind of overbearing and impolite at some point.

Edit photos

You need someone who knows how to edit his own photos professionally. The editing post shoot process is just as important as the actual filming of the images so you need someone who is capable enough to pull through in those two areas.

Work fast

You want to go with a wedding photographer who works hard and fast; someone who can promise really fast turnaround times and deliver well. You are looking for a turnaround time of about a few days after the wedding event takes place. Anything that is more than a week is already a bit too much and might drag it on too long.

Has contracts set

You will want to go with a wedding photographer Dundee who has some contracts set in place to make sure that all liabilities and legalities are pretty much covered. You need to have a document of sorts drawn up so that you can get your rights protected. Have a lawyer check it out and proofread it a bit for you just to make sure that you are getting your fair share out of the deal.

Photography Tips

wedding photographer1. A wedding photographer should know how to be able to dress appropriately.

He should be a chameleon who knows exactly how to blend in the crowd regardless of how low key or high society a wedding may turn out to be. If you are not exactly sure about how you should dress up, it definitely does not hurt to ask and just go straight to the point with the questions. Get a copy of the invitation and try to check out what the requested dress code is and try to adhere to that at some point. If you are absolutely kept in the dark when it comes to something like this and you still do not know how you should dress up, then you might as well overdress for the occasion. You can never go wrong if you overdress. If you come in a little too posh, you can always lessen the clothes a little – take off the tie, take off the blazer, and so on and so forth.

2. He should also be well prepared enough and have enough foresight to scout out the venue well ahead of time.

A great wedding photographer always thinks two or more steps ahead. He makes sure that everything has been planned out and laid out well in advance for his clients. He familiarizes himself with the landscape so that he knows exactly how to pose his clients and knows where to position himself once the wedding day actually comes through. It is a must-do for all wedding photographers and something that should not be neglected by all means.

3. A wedding photographer should also know how to properly take care of his photography gear.

He always makes sure that everything is in mint condition so that his gear will last for a long time. After all, it is his most previous investment and is the main tool used in his craft. He usually makes sure that he gets a lens kit and camera kit cleaner and always cleans up after every use. He stores his cameras and all of the other accessories properly so that they can stand the test of time and will last for a lot of years to come.

4. Networking should also be the strength of every wedding photographer if he has any plans at all of thriving in the wedding photography niche.

A wedding photographer should know how to connect with his other colleagues in the wedding industry. The next prospective client might just be around the corner and it is all about speaking up and introducing himself and his business to all of the right people with all of the right connections such as the florists, the caterers and the biggest gold mine of them all, the wedding planners, who usually knows about most of the up and coming weddings in the area.

A good Bristol wedding photographer should also be quite level headed enough to know how to conduct himself around crowds. Crowd management is crucial to acing or just downright flunking the management of a wedding photography session. A great photographer is someone who is extremely grounded but still somehow firm enough for people to want to listen to him when he gives out directions during the wedding event.

Photography Tips

wedding photographerWedding photographers should know that their gear and its maintenance should always come first at all costs. It requires a rigid routine and requires a full on commitment regardless of convenience or time. It is an absolute requirement to invest in a set or so of camera and lens cleaners. This is to make sure that your gear is kept clean and pristine at all times and that your gear will last long and will get to serve you well for more years to come. If you take better care of your care than you normally would, it is less likely to unexpectedly break down and have any issues with it especially during crucial times like when you are covering you’re a wedding event or during a photo shoot at some point.

Formal Training

Formal training is not just an additional option that can be based off of preference. If you want to really excel at something and really get down to the science of it, going to school for it really is pretty much your best chance of attaining the skill level that you would like to be in. Education is one of those investments that are sure to be a win-win situation especially if you are involved in a skills-based craft like wedding photography. Wedding photographers in general also do not realize the extremely high potential of being able to really elevate themselves from the herd by having credentials and extra skills gained from formal training. Wedding photographers with this kind of credential are also most likely to land themselves high level jobs that are not as openly available to others who have not had any kind of formal training at all.

Get a Team

If this is something that you would like to be able to do professionally, you should also go well out of your way in making sure that you do not head out to cover weddings all alone. Get a team together, if you can. This is probably not the most financially easy decision you could ever get to make but when it all comes down to it, this is the only way that wedding photographers such as this London wedding photographer will be able to cater to the unending demands of a wedding coverage at some point. If you can’t afford a team just yet, set them up on a commission basis wherein you will only pay them based on the actual services they have rendered. That way, you do not have to shell anything out of your own pockets.

Network accordingly

Wedding photographers should also know how to be able to network accordingly and tap into the social circle of wedding industry professionals that they are in based on the events that they have covered so far. Make sure that you are able to prepare your business cards well ahead of time and be ready to talk to people and give out those cards during the event itself. Networking is crucial to wedding photographers because of the fact that it drums up new business and that in itself is priceless if you are trying to build yours up.

Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding photographers these days are making a killing. People have finally come to realize the lucrative business that can be made out of the wedding industry. It really does make a lot of sense when you give it some deeper thoughts. People get married every year (some even get married several times over a lifetime). You have a demand that almost never runs out. Although it may be true that the supply pond is a bit crowded, with all of the wedding photographers breaking out of the scene these days; it is still usually dictated per region or area. Clients tend to book those who are local or who live in the same city as they do so that they don’t have to cover for travel expenses and they like. That means that you still have a pretty good chance of making business. Here are a few things that you will need when starting out.

Cameras are the heart and soul of every wedding photographer’s profession.

This is the very first thing that you would need to get on board with. Invest in high quality camera that will in turn be able to deliver high quality photos. Do not settle for anything less of even think about doing this halfway. This is one of your best chances of ever making it big. Wedding photographers should never be insecure with the kind of gear they have so make sure that you opt for the best one that technology has to offer. You will need at least two cameras to start off. The second camera will serve as backup in case something happens to your main one.

You need a variety of lenses for you to be able to play with the composition and effects of the images you are taking.

They are expensive and you can’t really go out and buy everything all in one go so one great trick would be for you to opt to start off with two basic lenses that are most used during weddings. You need one wide angle lens for when you take the group photos. This lens will enable you to take in a wide frontal and peripheral view of the scene. This can be useful for panoramic shots as well. The second lens you will need is a macro lens. This will enable you to take gorgeous close-up photos that are also quite characteristic of weddings in particular.

You will also need a lot of extra batteries and memory cards.

This will help ensure that you will never run out in case you are caught in the middle of covering an event. These also don’t come cheap but they definitely cost less than the cameras and lenses so you can invest in a lot of them. Make sure to routinely clear out your memory cards so that they do not get corrupted or so that they do not start corrupting your files.

Lastly, invest in a high quality camera bag that will hold everything together.

Wedding photographers like this wedding photographer Bedfordshire are usually very mobile and they do a lot of traveling and moving around. You need a padded and sturdy camera bag to support your equipment while you’re at it.

Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsOne of the most important aspects of planning a wedding would have to be looking for a professional wedding photographer to hire. You don’t just go through all that effort and burn through all of those expenses without having the moments immortalized in photographs. A wedding is undeniably one of the most important events in a couple’s life and photos of that momentous event are looked at and reminisced upon even several years down the road. They should be good enough to last a lifetime which is why choosing the best wedding photographer you could afford is key to really achieving that goal.


The first thing for you to look at when looking for a Hampshire wedding photographer would have to be his experience. As a prospective paying client, you have every right to ask how many weddings he has covered, what type of wedding photography styles he has managed to pull off, how long he has been practicing professionally, and even how he managed to start off his career. You should be wise enough to not go with a photographer who has had no experience before whatsoever. You will be risking both the quality of the finished photos you get as well as the quality of service for your actual wedding coverage.


You should also take the time out of your day to really look at and review a wedding photographer’s portfolio. Photographers’ portfolios are perhaps the most prized collection of their works and something that they normally do not take lightly. They really take time to think it through and to inspect each and every single project that they include in that group of projects before they actually muster up enough courage to post it up online. Review their works to see if that wedding photographer’s style speaks to you and to what you would like to do with your wedding.


Always ask what kind of gear they are using and respectfully request if you can take a quick look at the things they would normally bring to cover a wedding event. A professional photographer never scrimps out on his gear. High quality cameras produce high quality photos, there’s just no way around it. Also take a look at what they have as their backup gear. A responsible photographer will make sure that all of his risks are mitigated as much as possible. There should be a fairly high quality camera as well on standby and a good collection of accessories such as different lenses, reflectors, flash guns, and so on and so forth.


Ask if they bring an assistant along when they cover a wedding. There’s a reason why the more established and well reputed photographers come in teams when they cover weddings. Weddings are extremely major events that simply cannot be left to chance – or in this case, the hand, of just one person, no matter how talented he may come off to be. What happens if that designated photographer suddenly falls in during your wedding day and he is in way, shape or form able to get up and out of bed? The team brings in a good layer of security and will assure you that they will be able to deliver their services as promised, no matter what happens in the process.


wedding photography tipsThe bride should always be the star of the wedding event and should always be the top priority subject of wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, you should go through the extremes to make sure that the bride always comes out looking beautiful and glowing in all of the photos as much as possible. Pose the bride properly. Make sure that you only capture the angles and poses that are both complimentary and flattering to her. Since the bride oftentimes wears a lot of white, make sure that you have your light exposure properly balanced as well since overexposure tends to make the bride look washed out and sort of blurred and that is no flattering look for anyone.

Give out instructions on how to properly pose.

You’re the one behind the cameras so you know exactly what the best little tweaks are for you to come up with really good looking photos. It can be as simple as having her bend her arms slightly away from her torso, or have her make sure the head is emphasized and sort of projected forward with the chin down, and so on and so forth.

Do not be afraid to change the camera angles every now and then.

Experiment with different ways to tilt the camera. The framing does not always have to be a straight square. Feel free to tilt it at times and come up with lopsided framing. That is where the entire fun factor is. Upside down angles are also not so bad. Try to make this fit with the personalities of the couple you are covering and ask if they are amenable to more artistic and unconventional approaches. If they will allow you a few artistic liberties every now and then, you should be just fine. Just have fun and let your creativity run free with the things that you would like to try out.

Communicate with the couple you are covering.

Most photographers are a bit shy and don’t really take this seriously but it will mean worlds of difference to the couple if you are able to deliver exactly what they wanted or expected. Talk it out with them. Ask them what kind of style or theme they are going for and bring in your inputs. Be honest whether you will be able to deliver the things they want and strike up a compromise that is satisfactory for both parties. Knowing what their plans are and what is on their minds will let you better take care of things on the photographic side of the entire process.

Gain experience

Gain experience before booking your own wedding photography Hertfordshire clients. It is a bad idea for you to acquire clients without having any kind of experience first. Practice a lot. Try to see if you can be a secondary photographer to cover a friend’s wedding as a favor. It will let you practice your skills without the responsibilities and the risks that come with an actual professional wedding photographer just yet. If you can find someone to take you under their wing and let you assist during wedding events, all the better as well. Real world and hands on experience is incomparable and invaluable than any other means to learn anything.


wedding venues in KentFor most people, location is everything. For a wedding, the location can usually make or break the course of events. Having a wedding venue that works with the kind of style and design that a bride and groom is going for is quite essential to the success of the rest of the preparations. Everything has to be in synch, like the gears and cobs to a well oiled machine. The wedding location is the machinery that holds it all together. Having all of the best caterers, wedding planners, photographers, florists, and so on and so forth, will mean nothing if the wedding venue is up to par with the quality of the rest of the other elements that come along with the wedding and vice versa.

We collated a few budget-friendly wedding venues in Kent for the ultimate practical guide in choosing one that works for you and for your weddings. And more importantly, something that will work for your budget as well.

The Orangery

This place is smack right in the middle of a well maintained and charming garden in Maldstone, Kent. The place has an almost magical and woodsy feel to it. Weddings with nature themes or shabby chic themes, garden themes, or anything outdoorsy but feminine will really work for this wedding venue. There’s a tumbling waterfall that sort of provides a soothing running water background all throughout the event and it will be perfect for pictures. It offers 9 acres of rolling landscapes and meticulously manicured gardens that can really provide the backdrop for the perfect wedding.

Penhurst Place and Gardens

If you’re going for a more historical and sort of vintage theme, Penhurst place and gardens is the perfect venue. It has inspired romantic poetry for centuries. It has a grand feel to it, with all of the historical relics still intact and readily available to adorn your wedding, but it actually does not come off as expensive as it looks and feels. Everything is customizable to ensure that the wedding package being offered out to you is really everything that you could ever want, and perhaps even more. You have the option to choose between opulent indoor settings and gorgeous outdoor ones with Elizabeth era themed gardens. It also offers having both the wedding ceremony and reception all in one place for the practical bride and groom.

These are just a couple of really great examples for possible wedding venues in Kent, making it the perfect place for you to shop around for that one-of-a-kind location to hold your wedding event in. There are a lot of online sources such as Guides for Brides, Yelp, and even Hitched. Most of them have forums from previous clients who air their comments about the place and for you to be able to get a better grasp whether the place you would like to go with is a perfect fit for your wedding or not. It really doesn’t matter if you would like to go for a grand wedding with no stops at the costs or with something more modest and intimate. You do not have to break the bank with the location alone. And wedding venues in Kent are the perfect places to look.

Photography Tips

wedding photographyWedding memories last lifetime hence should be entered with a proper plan and care. For those memories to be sweet, the pictures are needed to have enough clarity and quality as well. Choosing which lens to use when photographing a wedding is obviously a reflection of your style. It affects how you want to capture or portray the subject or even through some particular effect, such as a fish-eye lens or tilt-shift lens. While the particular lens you use for any shot might be encouraged by stylistic choice. Sometimes the lens we choose will simply be the one already on the camera.

The choice of the best lens for quirky wedding photography can be tricky business. There are many on the market these days and can be very expensive. But over time, you will need one. After all, these are photos of the wedding we’re talking about. Here are some tips to help you choose the best lens for wedding photography.

Keep in your mind about budget

Your first consideration should be your budget. If you are going to break your bank for a new lens, you may need to wait until you have another book or two in a row. After all, customers who have already contracted to be your photographer based on examples of their work, without the new target. Just keep doing your best work with the equipment they have and are concerned about a new target when the budget allows. This point is compulsory to bear in mind before buying a lens.

Know about other equipment

If you are thinking of buying a new camera before then, you want to find a lens that works behind closed doors, both current and new, if possible. In the field of photography is not necessarily the whole team. His personal style has a lot to do with helping to build their reserves. His team will all be expensive, but there is no need to change or update only once. Investing in the computer slowly and make the most of your money buy.

What type of lens should be considered?

Shooting Pictures represent a significant percentage of wedding photos. And if only includes a few in your package, as they have the right lens, then this is a good one to start. Then you can add to the fantastic exterior shots with the bride and groom posing on the side of the pond. A zoom lens is also important, especially to get those candid shots of everyone is ready for the wedding.

A wide angle lens is a good way in term of investing, especially to take pictures of the wedding party all or facade of the church or the limousine as it breaks. But the best goal in wedding photography is the goal that gives the best results. No matter what you take all entries and the other no matter what your work looks like. What matters is the quality and unique vision of your photos. So get your time, look at your budget, and do not rush your decision.

Photography Tips

photography studioPhotography studios are very important as they help photographers like this Northampton photographer to capture high quality images for all occasions. Whether you want to capture a great model, magazine or even family photo, photography studio can help you take a sharp well-detailed image. With different equipments in the studio such as the perfectly arranged and well synchronized lighting equipments combined with the unique setting of the studio to capture the day, a photography studio can help you to use your creative ideas to come up with a good theme that match with the session.

While owing and maintaining a photography studio can be very costly, hiring has now become the best options for photographers without studios or those who want to experience photography studio shooting. Hiring, unlike setting up a studio, cannot only help you select the best photography studio in the industry but also help you save a significant amount of money. But hiring a photography studio is not that easy considering the high increase in the number of studios for hire in the industry. This is why it is very important to take your time to do a little research on the different photography studios in your state or town. But here is a comprehensive guide on how to hire a photography studio for the day:

Ceiling-Based vs. Floor Based Equipment

Just as the names suggests, ceiling based have equipments in the studio attached to the ceiling of the studio with a rail. The rail helps to move the equipments from one point to the other. On the other hand, the floor based has all the equipments supported on the ground with light stands. Although ceiling-based is relatively expensive, it is more flexible and prevents knocking things over while shooting.

The set-up of the studio

How is the lighting in the studio? What about the background and other equipments? Before deciding on any photography studio ensure that it has a good lighting combination and a perfect background for your occasion. Remember, when shooting, the amount of light depends on the image to be captured the cameras and the background depth intended. As for the size of the background, it depends with the occasion you are shooting- a family photography will require a bigger studio than model photography. But note, the size also dictates the cost.


Different photography studios come with varying prices. To get the best deals, you should compare a wide range of studios; internet has made it easy for comparison. However, you should mostly focus on the lighting and equipments in the studio over the rates. On top of the amount to be charged, ask for all the extra benefits that you stand to enjoy by hiring a particular photography studio such as free spacious parking, wind machines, power backups, and light modifiers among other equipments.

Hidden charges

Some photography studios will quote lower charges but have many hidden charges. You should be very keen on this to avoid frustrations of incurring extra cost against your budget. You should communicate with the owner of the studio to know all the costs so as to plan your budget. Ask about the parking fees, and the cost of using any other costume inside the studio.

It also is very important to note that although you can easily choose a photography studio online, it is very important to visit the studio of your choice in person. This gives you the opportunity to check the whole setting, talk with the owner and even try using some of their equipment to test their functionality.


professional photographyPhotographs have always been a big part of an individual’s life. It is a way to capture a memory and keep it alive in a form of a hand held object. As the digital community evolves day in and day out so goes the fast transition of Photography. Photography has always been seen as a form of art. Photographers of different backgrounds have been experimenting in how to make every image unique and because of the digitalized world, photography has transitioned into something anyone can do. It’s as easy and simple as 1-2-3. And even if you agree or not, only a limited amount of Photographers practice the art of manual photography.

Gone are the days that every picture counts since we can take thousands of pictures in a short amount of time without even thinking of the expenses it can incur because you can easily delete it as well. But for those who delves deeper into the art called photography it’s more than just point and click. Photography is something you take seriously and it’s not as simple as one may think.

5 Best Types of Photography

Photography’s range is so vast; categorizing it will be an injustice. It’s simply everywhere and anywhere. Though commonly there are techniques that are précised and mostly practiced by different photographers, we can name five (5) amongst this types which are also a good training ground for beginners.

  1. Landscape Photography which is mainly focused on your surroundings, may it be nature or the streets, it’s about capturing an image that represents what you see in one picture.
  2. Wildlife Photography, as the name goes it’s about capturing images of not only the animals but their habitat.
  3. Aerial Photography, based on the name itself it may sound a little threatening but photographers who make this type their forte can produce images that are nothing short of amazing. Taking aerial shots are done from a higher altitude which makes the image and the subject bigger and wider.
  4. Portrait photography, is one of the oldest forms of photography and is also known as “portraiture”, the main focus of this type is the subject which can be a person, animal or an object.
  5. Event Photography, mostly beginners practice their skills in event, though it may look easy it’s actually very complex. It requires a certain eye, timing, concentration and coordination technique to get that perfect shot. Since events happen on the spot, photographers should make sure and be confident enough to capture every milestone of the event. Photographers doing events needs to be comfortable in both portrait and landscape photography and are required to know even the most basic editing skills. You can learn a lot about Photography through online courses or joining a photography club but nothing is better than on-hand experience.

But before everything else, photographers who have been doing this either recreationally or professionally tends to get very picky in terms of their camera/s and or equipment. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives besides the well known brands, but it’s all in what the photographer wants and needs. Learning about the specifics of a certain camera/equipment before investing in one is a must. Ask fellow photographers and read reviews online. There’s no harm in thinking something over and over before deciding which one to get since you will be the one holding it for countless hours. Just always remember to be substantially sure before purchasing, since it will help you in your journey to capture priceless moments.


dslrOne of the most important events in life is wedding. It is the time where two people will unite by the ceremony. Captured moments will be treasured and kept for long time, so best shots should be made. To be able to attain good wedding photography, the brand of your camera is a big factor, so which camera captures precious moments well? Is it Canon or Nikon?

Fresh and updated cameras

When you try to look on the latest lineups of new DSLR models, you will notice that Nikon has fresher and more updated cameras than Canon. That is not saying that Nikon is better than Canon, it is just that Nikon has updated cameras more recently than the Canon. Always remember that it is a never ending cycle where one company will produce newer cameras than the rival company.

Nikon, who is known for as a Camera Manufacturer that produces new camera models more frequently, is on their way to own the wedding ceremony. The bet of Nikon in this competition comes with 36 megapixels and 75 Meg each RAW Files is the Nikon D810. It is said to be the evolution of high resolution. It raises the standard for image quality for its new FX-format full frame image sensor design. Beautiful noise-free images from ISO 64- ISO 12,800. It captures 5 frames per second with full resolution and in 5:4 crop mode, 6 fps and 7 fps for DX-crop mode. You can easily focus and capture the tiny objects with its 46x zooming capacity on the large 3.2inch 1,299k-dot display. The new EXPEED 4 design will make your eagerness goes up with its quality that surpassed the expectation from its predecessor, 30% faster, 25% faster frame rates per seconds, a wider ISO capacity and optimization for 1080 60p video, greater energy efficiency and more.

So much for Nikon, now let us take a look on its competitor. A camera that works beautifully is under the brand name Canon. The Canon 5D mk III, on the Canon side, is their winning piece for the competition for its 22.3 megapixels that any photographer would definitely love this kind of camera. Not to mention its ability to capture 1080p video plus its 100-25,600 ISO that is very far from the D810 of Nikon. Of all the features of this Canon 5D mk III, the most important feature is the new auto-focus system and its flagship quality 41 cross-type focus points. This is probably the ultimate wedding photography camera. Its incomparable capturing speed with 24, 25 and 30frames per second and 720p at 50 or 60fps. It also offers a dual card slots for easy back-up of images and videos and not to forget the mRAW mode for those high-volume photographers who do a lot of general candid. In addition, this camera has gorgeous image quality up to ISO 6,400 and the selection of Canon lenses that will surely make you a winner.

Matchless performance

The matchless performance and now sitting on the top of the market for wedding and portrait photography Canon 5D mk III owns the wedding ceremony. Even though Canon has not releases any model in the first quarter of this year for their response with their rival competitor’s latest Nikon D810, still they got the crown for the must-have camera when it comes in wedding and portrait photography.