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Gorgeous Wedding Video Waterford: There’s a Trick to It!

wedding videography WaterfordIs this your first time to film a wedding video and you’re nervous as heck? Don’t worry. There’s a trick you can follow to make sure that your first wedding video Waterford is going to be a satisfying one. Your client will surely love it!

There are 5 things you need to remember.

1. Talk things out with the photographer

The first thing you need to remember doing is to arrive earlier and get to know with other wedding vendors. If you’re a solo videographer, you will definitely do fine if you can get to work together with the photographer. Clients love to see similar pictures on their videos or the other way around. This helps them get a livelier collection of their wedding day.

You can also learn from how your photographer positions himself and get a hang on where and how you should shoot things.

2. Film B-rolls

The awful transition is just the worst thing wedding videos. Make it smooth by making use of B-rolls. Don’t forget to shoot things like arriving guests, slideshows on the wall, the table arrangements, the souvenirs and things that are not really that important but will add up to complete the story of your video.

Store as many B-rolls as possible. They are always useful and better if you have too many of them then too little of them. Check how the wedding videography Waterford in are made less awkward with enough B-rolls.

3. Know what will happen

If you’re not sure, try to go through the schedule of the wedding before it starts which means arriving earlier. You definitely have to memorize them all and the purpose of this is to be able to prepare before they happen.

You will find yourself many times hoping you had placed one more camera to record the moment. Going through the schedule briefly can help remind you when you should prepare and have extra cameras ready at the right place.

4. Have your gears ready

Before the day of the wedding, always check your gears. This includes the complete, operational, and battery. You need to make sure that the memory in each camera is empty and ready to store more files. Bring extra batteries and memory cards in the case that things go wrong, though we don’t expect them to.

Prevent and have backup plans before troubles happen. Having an extra camera that can shoot high-quality videos with a full battery and empty memory card in your car is something you can do.

5. Post-production

During post-production, make sure you don’t do too much editing. Stick to the important moments, yet, insert those B-rolls when you want to do a transition. There’s no need to put in a lot of words, but if you want, put in some there are specifically special to the now-husband and wife.

Make the video feel truly special to both of them. You can slip in those words by asking them without making them tell each other about it. This will make a small surprise for the both of them after their marriage.

These are basic things you can do to create a beautiful and long-lasting impression on your wedding videography Waterford. They’re definitely helpful for your first one!