wedding videograpphy WaterfordA lot of couples wonder the different style of wedding videos people offer. They all look the same and eventually, is about recording the day. What else is there to differentiate?

Just like pictures, wedding videography Waterford can be divided into 5 styles. Each videographer has something they are better at, although most will able to provide all 5 styles should you inquire.


People tend to confuse journalistic and cinematic style of videography. Generally, wedding video packages are divided into cinematic or traditional style. That’s why people tend to think journalistic is part of cinematic. A video of this style will typically go for an hour or more, like a movie.

Cinematic style, like the word, takes the video into a movie form. It requires a lot of editing and manpower on the wedding day to get various shots of several scenes. That is also why cinematic wedding videos tend to cost more with less duration.

In this style, the people involved in the wedding, including the guests, are expected to be able to move according to the videographer’s direction. The videographer is highly involved in the process to make sure that he gets the necessary scenes to create the movie.


The most basic style is the one that uses the fly-on-the-wall approach. This basically means the videographer will remain behind the scene while recording everything that happens from the morning preparation to the last seconds of the evening reception. The video will be edited in a chronological order and in a reportage style.

Throughout the day, your videographer might invite the couple and parents to go through a short interview session. A journalistic style isn’t complete without the journalist interviewing the people involved. Videographer from does wedding videography Waterford in this style.

A single videographer can do this as the day is recorded in a linear way and interviews can be done intermittently during the wedding day or before/after the party starts. Similar to cinematic style, a journalistic wedding video’s length goes around 60-90 minutes.

Traditional and short form

These two styles are opposite of each other, but some videographers like to include them both. Traditional style is the one where your videographer will cover the wedding day and does only basic editing while keeping the majority of the wedding day in the video. That’s why the length of a video in this style can last up to 4 hours depending on the coverage.

Traditional is also one where the videographer remains as a cameraman behind the scene. He’ll capture everything without meddling in at all. Editing is only meant to cut off unnecessary parts and polish the transitions.

Short form wedding videos are like the short versions of the full-length video. It’s often shown in a cinematic style, like the trailer of your big day. A short form video is usually no longer than an hour and would be best to be as short as possible.

Some videographers provide a traditional or full-length video of the wedding day together with the short form. They complement each other in terms of style and documentation.


This is a video that is planned for days and even years that build up to that special day. Believed to be the most expensive style, storytelling needs the couple’s and videographer is planning to workout. Wedding videography Waterford in this style usually has a preview that you can show on your wedding day and full-length one for you after it.


Everyone thinks that wild flowers are useless and they are not worth of them.

wild wedding flowersBut these days the thoughts of the people are totally changed because many wedding planners are now introducing the concept of wild wedding flowers during the decoration of the bridal sitting area and dining area of the wedding.

Yes, Wild wedding flowers are back now and this trend is becoming very common now especially people who use wheat and lavender decoration in their weddings because they look ultra-natural.

These blossoms can be similarly as adaptable as their crisp partners as far as outline is concerned. By nature they can loan themselves to natural style weddings as they are most clearly suited to natural subjects. A significant number of ladies get married in churches, over horse shelters, marquees or more established, notable structures, yet decorations like the wild wedding flowers can be similarly valuable to mellow the edges of present day wedding settings.

The capacity to plan wild wedding flowers ahead of time is another draw to making use of them. Settings can be adorned days before without the danger of blossoms shriveling or passing on, and bundles can be culminated months preceding the enormous day. Dried blossoms will keep at their absolute best for three to four months, so you can tick blooms off your list well ahead of time and store them, rest-guaranteed they will be prepared for the wedding. Anything which can be arranged already implies less bother and stress nearer to the enormous day.

If you purchase a couple of bunches of wild wedding flowers and make them up ahead of schedule, this reduces the burden of having to arrange them hours before the wedding. While if you purchase crisp, you generally overbuy to ensure you don’t run out.

Albeit every assortment should be wild in various ways, getting shrewd with dried out sprouts isn’t as troublesome as it sounds. Infarct, they are less demanding than crisp blossoms as time isn’t an issue, you won’t need to stress over to what extent they’ve been out of water, or to what extent before the wedding you can make the game plans. This is particularly valuable with flower circlets; they won’t wither in the warmth, and they can be made ahead of time, in time for your training hair session.

Wild wedding flowers are presently estimated at a focused rate and are a more affordable approach to use out-of season sprouts without falling back on costly imports. In spite of the fact that ladies should remember that bigger presentations can be more costly in light of the fact that blooms diminish in estimate as they dry so it requires more stems to make everyone.

In case you’re not persuaded enough to switch your just-picked petals yet, consider joining a blend of fresh and wild wedding flowers, it can even now bring down the cost of your presentations. And keeping in mind that crisp sprouts will begin searching worn out before the nights over, at that point shrivel away while you’re away on special first night, your dried blossoms will remain essentially consummate long after you’ve requested. They will in the end blur over some undefined time frame However, numerous ladies adore the quieted hues and keep their blossoms for quite a long time.