wedding photographer leicesterEver consider your social skills? Some photographers realize that they are not blessed with a silver tongue and even have trouble communicating with others. It is normal for photographers to be so, due to the fact that some prefer to hide behind lenses and tell their stories through the pictures they took.

However, when you decided to become a wedding photographer Leicester, it is important you pay attention to your social skills. And these are why it is important.

People can judge from how you speak

Confidence in speaking will be decided if you are confident with what you do. Learning how to speak confidently will help your presentation, especially during the first meeting. Your first impression matters a lot as there won’t be that many chances to meet your clients again.

Another reason is that they also have a set of questions that they will ask you and also many other wedding photographers. You need to compete against all those people in terms of answering and providing helpful advice to your clients.

Compete with others

You are not the only photographers around. Many others are also offering the same service and often at competing for price. While most photographers rarely lower their price, one of the only way to compete with each other is to make sure that they can service their clients when they meet.

Sure, the quality and style of your pictures matter a lot, but when your client is torn between her favorite photographers, you’ve got only 30 minutes of chat to convince her that you’re the one.

Learn to not be aggressive

Don’t be overly aggressive when you meet your client. While you can be very eager in offering everything and telling them why you’re a professional wedding photographer Leicester, like, maintain your composure.

Silence is golden

Learn to listen to what your client has to say. They probably come to you with a problem in mind, and while they might have asked this to many other photographers, try to answer as if you’re helping a best friend.

Work hard to listen properly before answering. If you are not sure with what you should answer, ask back questions. It’s a good thing to show that you are seriously listening and want to provide them with the best solution.

Providing solution

After explaining everything, you can then tell them that you can provide just that solution. Explain your packages and if possible, customize them to fit your client’s needs and budget. Lots of married couples often showed their appreciation to photographers who are willing to customize their package and provide the necessary features within their budgets. They love to recommend their photographer afterward.

If they ask you questions

Answer with this thought in your mind: you want to tell them that you provide only the best quality service for them. Of course, this should align with the fact that you do always work your way to maintain your quality.

One important thing worth repeating is that don’t be too shy to ask back questions. Remember that your client wants only a wedding photographer Leicester that is dedicated to doing their best in taking wedding pictures.


The scheduling.

newborn photography Calgary This is never easy because of the fact that a newborn photography Calgary shoot is oftentimes scheduled out before the baby is even born in the first place. The third trimester is usually the best way to go and this is something that you need to get ahead of if you want to be in the game in the first place. Pay attention to what you need to do. If you have a need for added advice, then don’t hesitate to go ahead and ask your potential newborn photographers about it. They are always keen on giving out advice that you are going to need at some point or so.

You just need to ask them about it and listen to it. when you are booking the newborn photography Calgary session so far, pay attention to the need for you to book out a timeframe or some sort of a timeline instead of fixating that much on a specific date because that would be next to impossible to have to pull off or do. Remember, although your doctor may have all of the technicalities of science, there really is no way to identify when the baby will be arriving exactly. You only have an expected delivery date but that doesn’t mean that the baby will not come out early or late. Photographers are prepared for this and can block off certain parts of their schedules to get this taken into account the right way.

The management of expectations.

You need to know what to expect before you start getting into the rigors of what comes along with a newborn photography Calgary session. You will be so much better prepared to take on whatever comes your way if you do so. Read up on blogs and other stuff related to newborn photography Calgary sessions out there. There will always be major challenges and other things that you aren’t all that used to dealing with all the time but when your expectations are properly managed, you will be far more equipped to pick up where you left off and to handle whatever comes up so far.

Thinking about what to prepare for.

You are going to need a lot of supplies with you during the newborn photography Calgary shoot. Pack your day bag and even your car a day before just to make sure that you don’t end up forgetting anything so far. You are going to need cleaning supplies such as wet wipes, extra towels, extra clothes, and practically an extra bit of everything. Think about all of the stuff that you need and make sure that you go out of your way to pack them well in advance as much as possible so that you have nothing left to worry about and so that you can breeze through the photo shoot knowing that you have everything covered and taken care of at the end of the day.

How to soothe the baby accordingly.

The baby will be crying and doing all sorts of things during the newborn photography Calgary shoot. Read through the site of Dulce Baby Photography and other notable baby photographers like this to know how to take care of the baby better during the photo shoot.


Create a month on month playbook.

Hertfordshire Wedding PhotographerDon’t try to go ahead and do it all in one go because that is not something that you will be able to go through with flawlessly. You will end up being all over the place and you might not be able to achieve anything somewhere in the process. It is either that or you get to work a few things out but they will not turn out to be just as how you have imagined them to be at the end of the day. Things like this are never simple and this is what you need to go ahead and prepare for as much as you possibly can. If you take things a step at a time though, specifically month on month, you will have a far better chance of getting things done the right way when it all comes down to it. This is something that you can really check out in all of the best ways. Organize your playbook as well as your to-do lists on a monthly basis so that you have a clear projection of the tasks that you have on hand. The more detailed you are with your playbook, the more realistic things will turn out to be and the more better things will get to work out for you in the end so make sure that you take this into account at the end of the day.

Transform your wall.

Turn your wall into a vision board so that you will get to have a visual projection of how you would like your wedding day to turn out looking like. This way, you get to know for sure that you are getting everything that you are planning to have at the end of the day. When you have a vision board, it makes things so much easier to imagine and it makes it easier for you to go ahead and organize your pegs all in one place. There will be so many options and so many more things for you to think about when you are getting things like this into account and you won’t be able to do that if you don’t get to the aspect of organizing your thoughts while you are at it. Human beings are naturally visual so this can work out in your favour. It is always so much easier for you to get a handle on things when you actually have something that you can go ahead and take a look at when you are planning out the details for your wedding.

Negotiate away with your vendors.

If they give you an initiate price quote, don’t settle for it right away. You should make it a point to try to see if you can wiggle out of the original price and eventually to agree to a slightly cheaper one, if the vendors involved are willing enough to make the necessary adjustments. If not, then there will always be other vendors. The wedding industry is a really tough and competitive world to be in but this is something favourable to you as a client. Vendors that you should particularly negotiate are the venue, the Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer, the planner, and the caterer since they are the costliest ones.

Second opinion.

If you aren’t happy with the initial offer of the first Hertfordshire wedding photographer that you are talking to, get a second one or even a third one. This is something that you should keep trying until you find the perfect choice for you.


wedding photography tipsThe bride should always be the star of the wedding event and should always be the top priority subject of wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, you should go through the extremes to make sure that the bride always comes out looking beautiful and glowing in all of the photos as much as possible. Pose the bride properly. Make sure that you only capture the angles and poses that are both complimentary and flattering to her. Since the bride oftentimes wears a lot of white, make sure that you have your light exposure properly balanced as well since overexposure tends to make the bride look washed out and sort of blurred and that is no flattering look for anyone.

Give out instructions on how to properly pose.

You’re the one behind the cameras so you know exactly what the best little tweaks are for you to come up with really good looking photos. It can be as simple as having her bend her arms slightly away from her torso, or have her make sure the head is emphasized and sort of projected forward with the chin down, and so on and so forth.

Do not be afraid to change the camera angles every now and then.

Experiment with different ways to tilt the camera. The framing does not always have to be a straight square. Feel free to tilt it at times and come up with lopsided framing. That is where the entire fun factor is. Upside down angles are also not so bad. Try to make this fit with the personalities of the couple you are covering and ask if they are amenable to more artistic and unconventional approaches. If they will allow you a few artistic liberties every now and then, you should be just fine. Just have fun and let your creativity run free with the things that you would like to try out.

Communicate with the couple you are covering.

Most photographers are a bit shy and don’t really take this seriously but it will mean worlds of difference to the couple if you are able to deliver exactly what they wanted or expected. Talk it out with them. Ask them what kind of style or theme they are going for and bring in your inputs. Be honest whether you will be able to deliver the things they want and strike up a compromise that is satisfactory for both parties. Knowing what their plans are and what is on their minds will let you better take care of things on the photographic side of the entire process.

Gain experience

Gain experience before booking your own wedding photography Hertfordshire clients. It is a bad idea for you to acquire clients without having any kind of experience first. Practice a lot. Try to see if you can be a secondary photographer to cover a friend’s wedding as a favor. It will let you practice your skills without the responsibilities and the risks that come with an actual professional wedding photographer just yet. If you can find someone to take you under their wing and let you assist during wedding events, all the better as well. Real world and hands on experience is incomparable and invaluable than any other means to learn anything.


wedding venues in KentFor most people, location is everything. For a wedding, the location can usually make or break the course of events. Having a wedding venue that works with the kind of style and design that a bride and groom is going for is quite essential to the success of the rest of the preparations. Everything has to be in synch, like the gears and cobs to a well oiled machine. The wedding location is the machinery that holds it all together. Having all of the best caterers, wedding planners, photographers, florists, and so on and so forth, will mean nothing if the wedding venue is up to par with the quality of the rest of the other elements that come along with the wedding and vice versa.

We collated a few budget-friendly wedding venues in Kent for the ultimate practical guide in choosing one that works for you and for your weddings. And more importantly, something that will work for your budget as well.

The Orangery

This place is smack right in the middle of a well maintained and charming garden in Maldstone, Kent. The place has an almost magical and woodsy feel to it. Weddings with nature themes or shabby chic themes, garden themes, or anything outdoorsy but feminine will really work for this wedding venue. There’s a tumbling waterfall that sort of provides a soothing running water background all throughout the event and it will be perfect for pictures. It offers 9 acres of rolling landscapes and meticulously manicured gardens that can really provide the backdrop for the perfect wedding.

Penhurst Place and Gardens

If you’re going for a more historical and sort of vintage theme, Penhurst place and gardens is the perfect venue. It has inspired romantic poetry for centuries. It has a grand feel to it, with all of the historical relics still intact and readily available to adorn your wedding, but it actually does not come off as expensive as it looks and feels. Everything is customizable to ensure that the wedding package being offered out to you is really everything that you could ever want, and perhaps even more. You have the option to choose between opulent indoor settings and gorgeous outdoor ones with Elizabeth era themed gardens. It also offers having both the wedding ceremony and reception all in one place for the practical bride and groom.

These are just a couple of really great examples for possible wedding venues in Kent, making it the perfect place for you to shop around for that one-of-a-kind location to hold your wedding event in. There are a lot of online sources such as Guides for Brides, Yelp, and even Hitched. Most of them have forums from previous clients who air their comments about the place and for you to be able to get a better grasp whether the place you would like to go with is a perfect fit for your wedding or not. It really doesn’t matter if you would like to go for a grand wedding with no stops at the costs or with something more modest and intimate. You do not have to break the bank with the location alone. And wedding venues in Kent are the perfect places to look.


professional photographyPhotographs have always been a big part of an individual’s life. It is a way to capture a memory and keep it alive in a form of a hand held object. As the digital community evolves day in and day out so goes the fast transition of Photography. Photography has always been seen as a form of art. Photographers of different backgrounds have been experimenting in how to make every image unique and because of the digitalized world, photography has transitioned into something anyone can do. It’s as easy and simple as 1-2-3. And even if you agree or not, only a limited amount of Photographers practice the art of manual photography.

Gone are the days that every picture counts since we can take thousands of pictures in a short amount of time without even thinking of the expenses it can incur because you can easily delete it as well. But for those who delves deeper into the art called photography it’s more than just point and click. Photography is something you take seriously and it’s not as simple as one may think.

5 Best Types of Photography

Photography’s range is so vast; categorizing it will be an injustice. It’s simply everywhere and anywhere. Though commonly there are techniques that are précised and mostly practiced by different photographers, we can name five (5) amongst this types which are also a good training ground for beginners.

  1. Landscape Photography which is mainly focused on your surroundings, may it be nature or the streets, it’s about capturing an image that represents what you see in one picture.
  2. Wildlife Photography, as the name goes it’s about capturing images of not only the animals but their habitat.
  3. Aerial Photography, based on the name itself it may sound a little threatening but photographers who make this type their forte can produce images that are nothing short of amazing. Taking aerial shots are done from a higher altitude which makes the image and the subject bigger and wider.
  4. Portrait photography, is one of the oldest forms of photography and is also known as “portraiture”, the main focus of this type is the subject which can be a person, animal or an object.
  5. Event Photography, mostly beginners practice their skills in event, though it may look easy it’s actually very complex. It requires a certain eye, timing, concentration and coordination technique to get that perfect shot. Since events happen on the spot, photographers should make sure and be confident enough to capture every milestone of the event. Photographers doing events needs to be comfortable in both portrait and landscape photography and are required to know even the most basic editing skills. You can learn a lot about Photography through online courses or joining a photography club but nothing is better than on-hand experience.

But before everything else, photographers who have been doing this either recreationally or professionally tends to get very picky in terms of their camera/s and or equipment. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives besides the well known brands, but it’s all in what the photographer wants and needs. Learning about the specifics of a certain camera/equipment before investing in one is a must. Ask fellow photographers and read reviews online. There’s no harm in thinking something over and over before deciding which one to get since you will be the one holding it for countless hours. Just always remember to be substantially sure before purchasing, since it will help you in your journey to capture priceless moments.


dslrOne of the most important events in life is wedding. It is the time where two people will unite by the ceremony. Captured moments will be treasured and kept for long time, so best shots should be made. To be able to attain good wedding photography, the brand of your camera is a big factor, so which camera captures precious moments well? Is it Canon or Nikon?

Fresh and updated cameras

When you try to look on the latest lineups of new DSLR models, you will notice that Nikon has fresher and more updated cameras than Canon. That is not saying that Nikon is better than Canon, it is just that Nikon has updated cameras more recently than the Canon. Always remember that it is a never ending cycle where one company will produce newer cameras than the rival company.

Nikon, who is known for as a Camera Manufacturer that produces new camera models more frequently, is on their way to own the wedding ceremony. The bet of Nikon in this competition comes with 36 megapixels and 75 Meg each RAW Files is the Nikon D810. It is said to be the evolution of high resolution. It raises the standard for image quality for its new FX-format full frame image sensor design. Beautiful noise-free images from ISO 64- ISO 12,800. It captures 5 frames per second with full resolution and in 5:4 crop mode, 6 fps and 7 fps for DX-crop mode. You can easily focus and capture the tiny objects with its 46x zooming capacity on the large 3.2inch 1,299k-dot display. The new EXPEED 4 design will make your eagerness goes up with its quality that surpassed the expectation from its predecessor, 30% faster, 25% faster frame rates per seconds, a wider ISO capacity and optimization for 1080 60p video, greater energy efficiency and more.

So much for Nikon, now let us take a look on its competitor. A camera that works beautifully is under the brand name Canon. The Canon 5D mk III, on the Canon side, is their winning piece for the competition for its 22.3 megapixels that any photographer would definitely love this kind of camera. Not to mention its ability to capture 1080p video plus its 100-25,600 ISO that is very far from the D810 of Nikon. Of all the features of this Canon 5D mk III, the most important feature is the new auto-focus system and its flagship quality 41 cross-type focus points. This is probably the ultimate wedding photography camera. Its incomparable capturing speed with 24, 25 and 30frames per second and 720p at 50 or 60fps. It also offers a dual card slots for easy back-up of images and videos and not to forget the mRAW mode for those high-volume photographers who do a lot of general candid. In addition, this camera has gorgeous image quality up to ISO 6,400 and the selection of Canon lenses that will surely make you a winner.

Matchless performance

The matchless performance and now sitting on the top of the market for wedding and portrait photography Canon 5D mk III owns the wedding ceremony. Even though Canon has not releases any model in the first quarter of this year for their response with their rival competitor’s latest Nikon D810, still they got the crown for the must-have camera when it comes in wedding and portrait photography.


wedding photographyTraditional wedding photography is the style of photography used for quite some time now. It has evolved over the years with the progression of technology and whatnot but the prime basic principles more or less remain the same. It is a more conservative approach when it comes to documenting a wedding. While the chic and trendy crowd may sort of scoff at this, given the fame of the reportage wedding photography style these days, the value of traditional wedding photography cannot be set aside. After all, this photography style has withstood the tests of time and has been mastered by the very best and the most prolific of photographers.

More and more future brides and grooms are getting confused between these two popular wedding photography styles. We came up with this article to list down the positive aspects about traditional wedding photography. You probably know most of these already but it helps to have a sort of visual validation, don’t you think?

Traditional wedding photography requires pre-planning and choreography

This means that there is a studio and professional finish to the photos and they always end up looking really great be it in digital copies or in print. The photographer is being given the chance to actually stage the shoot and thus, make the necessary adjustments to make sure that the bride and groom and everyone else in the guest list and the entourage come out looking great. It’s always nice to be immortalized in photos and have your best angles and profiles captured.

There are also must-have shots for as far as wedding photography is concerned. Here are a few moments that should always be on the list for most wedding events:

The bride’s prep time right before the wedding ceremony is usually taken photos of. This includes her and the rest of the bridesmaids getting their makeup and hair down and changing into their gowns as well.

Then there’s the much needed shot of the bridal gown being showcased usually on a bed or a hanger or somewhere. This will usually include the rest of the things that the bride will be wearing from the veil to the shoes to the tiara and so on and so forth. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue; does that ring a bell? There is such a big deal with what the bride is wearing. Some brides even go through the extend of actually framing their wedding gown as a bit of a memorabilia just for them to have something to look at way after the wedding day has come to pass.

There are tons of other must have photos that are considered rites of passage and all of these are being taken religiously for as far as traditional wedding photography is concerned. It’s a very classy and time tested approach to covering a wedding event and definitely not something that you can go wrong with. You may also opt for a combination of the two types of wedding photography styles. The thing is, there no right or wrong option. You always have the freedom to go with whatever feels right for you and for your wedding day.


family portrait photographyDo you have a family portrait scheduled in the upcoming weeks? Many families treasure their portraits for years. If you happen to do a search on the internet for awkward family photos, quite a few interesting photographs will show up. Do not let your family fall into this unfortunate predicament. We are going to show you what you need to wear and how to act to get the best family portrait ever. It is actually quite impressive how far we have come in family photography.

Portraits have always been popular among people and families for as long as one can remember. Some of histories most important people have been immortalized in paint and photo. However, it wasn’t until late in the 19th century that the average individual could enjoy this process through the use of the daguerreotype. This early photographic portrait cut down on the cost and time it took for a family portrait. However, one thing that has not changed in that time period is learning to coordinate and not match while sitting for the photographer.

Learning Not to Blend

One of the most important aspects in knowing what to wear for your sitting is making sure the family coordinated their outfits. This does not mean that everyone involved should match and have the same outfits. Those types of portraits went out with the Reagan administration! Look at the way the colors and fabrics interact with one another. When the family has outfits that are able to compliment each other, it really helps to bring the portrait together. The goal of the clothing should show the families personality as a whole and not that of an advertisement.

Personality Over Perfection

One of the main goals of a good family portrait is to have the families personality shine through. One of the ways of doing this is allowing everyone something that is going to help with that cause. For example, while you may want your daughter to be dressed n perfection, but she wants to wear her favorite tutu. Think of how you will want to remember her twenty years from now. Do you want to see her dressed like a Gap ad or wearing what was so dear to her heart? Especially with children it is best to let them choose what they want to wear and then for the parent to make them a little more suitable.

A family portrait is designed to be a timeless memento to be cherished for years. However, many people make mistakes that make them want to hide these portraits. If the family manages to find clothing that compliments each other and allows their personalities to shine through the portrait is guaranteed to be perfect. If done correctly, these will be portraits you will be proud to hang above the fireplace. We hope that these simple tips help you in getting ready for your portraits. Just remember these simple tips and above all have fun, the moment that is captured will live on for years to come.