Funeral Flowers

natural funeral flowersDo not speak ill of the dead, make sure you say your farewells so they can rest in peace. A lot of emphasis is placed on ensuring that the dead are ushered on to their next path as smoothly as possible. This is why you see a lot of burials having natural funeral flowers that befit the occasion.

Most times, these flowers being displayed are not all used based on beauty but the meaning they represent. Due to the often-somber nature of funerals, it is imperative that the flowers are not offensive yet not too lack luster after all, etiquette is really important. So, what should funeral flowers be like?

Well, more often than not, the flower arrangement of the funeral is left to the florists but it doesn’t hurt to have knowledge of what should be done.

  • It’s a funeral, do flowers matter?

Well… Yes, as a matter of fact they do. Flowers are the most beautiful yet underrated means of passing across messages. Due to their vibrant nature that showcase life and beauty you might be thinking their presence is not needed in a funeral but that is not true. Different flowers have different meanings and with the right flower arrangement, you might be able to pass on a message to that loved on that you are thinking of them so flowers are not amiss.

  • So, should I focus on “vibrant” or “somber”

Most people think that since funerals represent a death, then every fixture and accessory should fit into the mood. Well, that shouldn’t always be the case. There are some cultures where if the individual that passed away is over 70, they call the funeral a “celebration of life”. Here, individuals gather not to mourn the dead but to celebrate the fact that they lived that long. Hence, the flowers used then represent the mood.

However, if it is a young individual then it is an occasion not meant celebrating but mourning hence the flowers should suit that. However, these are just examples. It all depends on the feelings of the loved ones of the deceased as they are the ones that can better judge how they feel but natural funeral flowers providers can provide better advice and ideas on choosing the right ones.

  • Does the casket need flowers?

When individuals ask if it is okay to put flowers in a casket, we kind of wonder if there is a certain funeral rule book that needs to be followed. There are no rules about funerals but yet most people repeat the same thing and take actions based on perceived notions they think society has and if they don’t follow them, they will be judged. Well, to answer the question, there is no rule or notion against ushering the dead to the next stage with flowers.

Flowers, like we said before are really underrated when it comes to passing across messages. Flowers have different meanings and if you feel the need to place one in the casket of a loved one then why not? Natural funeral flowers are not only meant to serve as decorations so if you feel the need to use them then go ahead.