Wedding Photography

Brides’ Must-Do List for Wedding!

wedding photography EdinburghThe rush and excitement that you got when your boyfriend proposed you must have left you awake throughout the night. Or maybe you had your best dream and woke up, feeling different about the things around you. The sun became brighter and the people became nicer.

Whoa, stop there, girl, you can daydream all you want, but don’t forget that you need to prepare yourself for the big day. There is still 2 years’ time? Trust me when I say that it won’t be enough especially if you need wedding photography Edinburgh!

Slimming down/weighing up

What is your ideal body shape? Don’t believe those sites telling you to believe in yourself; you look better if you just cut down that flab of fat. 2 years is long enough to gradually gain the ideal shape to look perfect in your wedding pictures. And by the way, that is also the reason why those wedding pictures looked absolutely gorgeous; the models were, too.

Plan your meal and make a target. Depending on the time range, it’s best that you gain your ideal weight a month or two weeks before the wedding day. Afterward, you can focus more on relaxing and just maintaining your body weight. You will not regret your hard work on your big day.

Look for vendors

You need to find the vendors for your wedding. The best way to look for a suitable one would be to ask for a recommendation from friends or family. Credible sites can also be used to find any particular photographer that captures pictures according to your taste. Because of that, we’d like to give a recommendation of wedding photography Edinburgh service by

Don’t just come and meet the vendors with no purpose. Write up a list of questions that you want to ask them, such as if the wedding photographer is experienced. These questions will help you eliminate the ones that cannot live up to your standard. You need to be at least one year ahead when looking for vendors because there are many things to consider before hiring them.

Leisure time!

Before your wedding, plan for an outing with your squad. Whether you’re a guy or a chic, this is going to be your last party as a single woman/man. If you had hired your photographer early, you may have an extra service to have some pictures for your bridal shower or bachelor’s party. The pictures here are going to be some of the best that you won’t forget soon.

It can also be simple manicure/pedicure or saloon session with your friends. Spend some time to relax your body and mind from the hectic preparation for your wedding!

Be the main character

Everyone gets nervous about their wedding, that’s a given. You are about to step into a new journey with the person of your choice. Your wedding day is going to be absolutely perfect and flawless. The thought alone is already burdening you; what if something goes wrong? Did I book for the right wedding photography Edinburgh? Is this place decorated nicely enough?

Cast that thought far away and simply enjoy the day. If you had planned the day carefully, things are not going to be that bad. If you had given your all, that’s the best and there’s nothing to worry about.