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Baby Photography – 3 Perfect Poses For Particularly Cute Pictures

baby photographerAre you thinking about getting baby photography done for your new bundle of joy? Do you need the pictures to serve as a keepsake? Are you just interested in documenting the growth of your child? Could the pictures be a memento you intend to send to your family and friends informing them of the new baby? Do you intend to enter your newborn into a baby photography contest?

Your reason for the need for baby photography could be any of the above listed or be ones that are more specific to you. Regardless of the reason behind wanting baby pictures of your young one, there is one thing that all participants have in common and that is the fact that the babies need to face a camera. There are different poses babies can try and your baby photographer as an expert probably knows the most popular ones.

The following are three of the most recurrent baby poses that deliver the cutest of baby pictures every time:

Pose #1

The first pose your baby photographer might be eager to try is the “baby eating pose”. This requires capturing the baby in action as they perform the task of eating. It could be the usual slurping from a bottle or the mashed fair babies of 4-6 months old eat. If it is the mashed fair, chances are you get to capture the little ones with food smears on their faces and this brings a cute and silly factor to the pictures being taken. The key to getting this type of pictures is to have your camera ready once the food is set in front of the baby.

Pose #2

Babies love suckling and putting any thing into their mouths. Luckily for parents, the babies more often than not make it a habit of putting their fingers into their mouths instead of dangerous objects. The common occurrence of this makes the “baby with fingers in mouth” the easiest picture to get as the babies naturally do it. An important factor for this picture is ensuring that the baby’s hands are not shielding the face. You can also get the occasional smile of the baby around their fingers.

Pose #3

The final pose is referred to as “big personality pose”. All babies have specific things they prefer to do above others. This can be anything from mumbling incoherent words, blowing bubbles, laughing, playing patty cake, playing with their stuffed toy or harassing the little kitten. When these moments are captured on film, it is regarded as the big personality pose. The key to this picture is having the baby do what they know how to do best.

The poses enlisted above are just three out of several baby photography options. If none of the above poses fit your needs, then it would be best to seek the input of your baby photographer for other styles or better still, check out for ideas or photographer services for your baby pictures. Remember that the key to beautiful pictures is fun.