Newborn Photography

A Newborn Photographer’s Guide to Capturing a Newborn

newborn photographerWhen it comes to capturing portraits of newborns, there can be a large amount of fear in doing so. This isn’t without reason, as newborns are among the most fragile creatures. With newborns, it can seem a lot more complicated and extremely difficult to safely capture and sort of decent photo, let alone a portrait masterpiece.

However, if you stay afraid for too long, then you will never excel fully as a newborn photographer. The best thing to do is to put aside the fear and exercise precaution. With newborns photography, remember the irreplaceable rule of safety first.

  • Use Common Sense and Stay Safe

Using your common sense and staying safe is as simple as it can be made. Never place a baby somewhere high or unsteady without a spotter, and never use anything sharp or too hard or rough as a prop. Keep the baby in your sight and within someone’s reach at all times.

Also, you need to know that not all baby photos are 100% real. They are usually composites, as it would be severely unsafe for them to be completely real.

  • Keep The Newborn Comfortable

An uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby. In order to avoid any untimely tantrums, keep the newborn happy and comfy. For any photo, keep the baby in easy and comfortable positions. Make sure the baby isn’t hungry or in need of a diaper change. Keep extra outfits and towels on hand, as any baby could easily feel sick for the smallest reasons.

  • Keep The Time in Mind

The ideal timeframe to capture newborn photos is within the first 14 days of the child’s birth. They are easiest to work with during this time, since they are mostly just sleeping through the days. They are easy to pose and adjust during this time.

Work around the baby’s schedule, as they need to eat and be changed fairly frequently. Never make the baby wait too long, as it can easily become unhappy and turn the whole photoshoot into a several hour-long event, which is unnecessary.

  • Basic Shots First, Creativity Second

Start with the basic photo poses for newborn photography, and then move on to the more complex ones. If the baby gets too fussy, you may have to call off the picture so keep that in mind. The basics are much faster, which makes them perfect as the first shots.

  • Focus On The Baby, Not The Equipment

Cameras that are deemed as lesser than most aren’t necessarily the worst choice when it comes to newborn photography. Sometimes the difference in camera is really a miniscule one, so it can be easier to go with a smaller or ‘lesser’ camera that will be easier to use around the baby rather than a larger ‘better’ camera that could prove to be more difficult.

Even with the props, it’s generally better to keep things at least mostly more generic. Creativity is prized and can make for a good shot, but that doesn’t even matter if the props can prove to be potentially hazardous to the newborn baby.

This is only a small amount of advice for a newborn photographer. Visit Kingshill Studios for more advice on newborn photography, or if you are looking for a photographer for your little bundle of joy.